Atmosphere: 4.0
Service: 2.5
Nigiri: 4.0
Rolls: 3.0

Master Femme Fatale had met a guy on and they planned to meet at Oyshi for some Play Time. Unfortunately, her date canceled at the last minute and so she called in the cavalry: Master Dragon. Never one to turn down a good Play Time with Master Femme Fatale I came in for the rescue. Although having visited Oyshi Sushi probably 100 times, I'd never done a formal review.

As soon as you enter this trendy upbeat sushi establishment you first notice the flowing water wall to your left and the pop/house music over head. Now at this point, you may be wondering what the hell pop/house music and sushi have in common, and our answer is: nothing! However, mixed in with the decor and the friendly staff it actually goes quite nicely.

Having been here many times before I already know what I want to order for Nigiri:

Hamachi and Salmon

Eel Avocado

Cajun Albacore

Master Femme Fatale ordered some Poki.

Each one of the Nigiri cuts are always super fresh and they have the best Cajun Albacore in all of Las Vegas. The sushi to rice ratio though is very inconsistent, I always like to have David, the owner, prepare our nigiri because he seems to have the most generous portions of fish with minimal rice. This is also the place where I first tried eel avocado and now whenever I visit another sushi spot I ask them to add avocado on top of their Unagi. Master Femme Fatale, as I write this, is making a barfing noise when thinking about eel saying,"I did not join that fan group." Unagi is an acquired taste, and tonight it came out a little soggy; although, they often have it crispy on the edges and tender throughout, making for the best texture combination. Other nigiri I've tried there before has been Amaebi (without the head), Maguro - Tuna, Garlic Tuna, Hirami - Halibut, Tai - Red Snapper, Aji - Spanish Mackerel, and Anago all within the all you can eat sushi menu; and that's just half the Nigiri selections.

On to the rolls. Master Femme Fatale ordered a couple rolls I've never tried before, which is always exciting. The rolls she ordered where: Yellowtail Trio, Bonsai, Sunrise, and Yellowstone. The Yellowtail Trio had: Yellowtail chucks, cucumber, gobo, kaiwari topped with yellowtail sashimi dressed in ginger sauce. Master Femme Fatale liked this one because it tasted fresh and basic; I thought it was overdone with the cucumber and kinda bland, but we all know I like sauce.

Bonsai consisted of spicy tuna roll with cajun albacore mix and avocado on top. Although this roll was a little small, it was packed with spicy tuna and Master Femme Fatale thought it had a great kick.

The Sunrise roll has cajun albacore, cucumber, avocado, wrapped in a variety of fish with garlic sauce. No surprise here, this one is always a crowd pleaser with the most basic of ingredients making this one a sure fire bet for even the most picky of pallets. Plus, Master Femme Fatale thinks it looked pretty. (it's the one on the right)

Moving on to the Yellowstone roll: spicy tuna roll, wrapped with white fish, cheddar cheese, slice of jalapeno with spicy yum yum sauce. Now this roll had the potential to be a surefire winner, but after chopsticking one piece we both were looking for the ginger to cleanse our tongue. I don't know what made this roll so offensive, but I recommend you don't try it.

I ordered a few rolls myself, these being the Dynamite roll, Screaming roll, and Crunch Scallop. The Dynamite roll has become a staple when I visit Oyshi Sushi because of it's immense flavor rush. It's made with a base of California roll (I know we don't do california rolls here, but just follow me), with baked yum yum scallop, shrimp crab mix, mushroom, and onion. This roll is a huge mess of goodness and it's one of those rolls that never holds together under the weight of the immense flavorful toppings!

The Screaming roll is a sauce lovers delight, it's made with shrimp tempura, wrapped with yum yum cajun albacore and avocado topped with garlic ponzu sauce. I don't know what's in that ponzu sauce, but it's so good it makes you want to lick the plate clean.

Finally, the Crunch Scallop although simple in ingredients is a nice light flavorful roll made with yum yum shrimp, crab mix and avocado with popcorn scallop on top.

The size of the rolls really depends on which one you order, whereas the Dynamite roll is huge and daunting, the yellowtail trio, bonsai, and sunrise are smaller in nature.

Service at the tables is far slower than if you sit at the bar. Although it appears like they have a lot of staff, inevitably you'll be waiting awhile for your food when ordering away from the bar. Also, if you are coming here in the evening on the weekend it's best to call in advance for a reservation as it gets packed. You may even be waiting 45 minutes for a seat, this place is that good! Two people to say "Hi!" to when you get there are Andy and David, Andy is the guy that will seat you, and David is the owner behind the sushi bar making your food. Oh, and let them know that Sushi Nomads sent you!

Oyshi Sushi All Rolled Up
This place could have the best all you can eat menu in all of Las Vegas and with a friendly staff and happening music it makes you want to keep coming back. I've driven clear across town just to make it to Oyshi on many an occasion!

Review by Master Dragon and Master Femme Fatale

For more pictures of Play Time at Oyshi Sushi Click Here

in Chief
Partial to Oyshi
4.0 / 5 Dragons

by MASTER IN CHIEF on September 02, 2009

This place is like the Cheers Bar of sushi for me...Everyone knows your name... Plus Master Dragon and I have concocted many schemes here... Looking forward to Thursday at Sobu though, a new place for us...
Iron Stomach
4.5 / 5 Dragons

by MASTER IRON STOMACH on November 03, 2009

I love going to this place. This is the kind of place you can go to with a huge group of people and just hang out and have some really good sushi. This is one of the better places for sushi in Las Vegas. I highly recommend it!
5.0 / 5 Dragons

by MASTER CRAYOLA on February 18, 2010

Based on your review i now have a favorite all you can eat in Las Vegas. It also seems your well known here, when i mentioned the site the owner lit up with excitement. Thanks again, and happy sushi hunting!
Design Guru
5.0 / 5 Dragons

by MASTER DESIGN GURU on February 25, 2010

This is probably my favorite sushi restaurant in Las Vegas. Really good nigiri and the rolls are pretty good too. Check this place out.
Pancita Saas
4.0 / 5 Dragons

by MASTER PANCITA SAAS on March 17, 2010

Just moved here from California where I knew my sushi spots very well. I was very satisfied with the service and quality of this place. The Rattle Snake roll was the best and topped it off with a desert for my last bite. Best all you can eat, very reasonable prices. I will be returning here very soon......:-)
2.0 / 5 Dragons

by MASTER MAXWELL on July 01, 2013

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