Atmosphere: 5.0
Service: 4.5
Nigiri: 0.0
Rolls: 3.5

Restaurant Review by Master Dragon on 10/18/2010
Restaurant Overview

I happened to stumble upon Satsuma Sushi while walking to Plaza de Bolivar. I had my heart set on eating some empanadas for lunch, so I peaked in to say hello and see if they would be open for dinner. I had a great time when I came back to eat. To avoid the evening rush myself and apprentice Zack arrived early. It was perfect because we ended up being the only ones in there and had the opportunity to talk to our server, Felipe, at length. If you can get Felipe as your server there, I recommend it, he was great!

Restaurant Atmosphere:

This was one of the cooler atmospheres of a sushi spot I've seen. Satsuma impressively combines traditional Japanese symbols with modern lines and decor. It had the vibe of a Sushi Restaurant / Lounge. You could tell that alot of thought had been put into the ambience and feel of the restaurant. The restaurant had been shut down for alittle while and they have just recently reopened it.

Service and Hospitality:

Everyone was very helpful and attentive at Satsuma Sushi. Felipe went above and beyond helping with, not only ordering, but also letting us use his phone to call people that we had met the night before while out at a club. After telling him about Sushi Nomads, he spent some time with us telling us about the history of the restaurant, why it had closed, and now reopened. He also went through the menu and recommended some things the felt we would like.

Nigiri Sushi From The Menu:

Sushi Rolls From The Menu:


Sweet Camaron
Breaded shrimp with sweet and spicy sauce, lettuce and chives. The breaded shrimp was amazing, I could have eaten a couple of those by themselves. The spicy sauce was also set off nicely by the chives. The roll was alittle dry, but still delicious.


Crispy Shrimp
Panko prawns with avocado and sesame seeds. Another rather simple roll that was a bit dry, but the prawns were battered in some delicious crispy texture.

Satsuma Sushi All Rolled Up

Satsuma Sushi is not only a cool place to go and grab a bite with a friend, but could also be a great place to take a date. With a fairly good sushi menu and great desert and coffee menu you could find yourself spending awhile just kicking back and enjoying the food and ambiance. There was No NIGIRI on the menu.

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5.0 / 5 Dragons

by MASTER ALEJANDRO on July 14, 2011

Perfecto, siempre fresca, satisfaciendo!

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